+iMPACT Profile

The Initiative for Movement-building, Political Action, and Community Transformation or +iMPACT Leadership is an organization that seeks to contribute to the painstaking process of nation-building by raising the next generation of transformational leaders. The raison d’etre is simple: if we want to steer the nation towards a positive direction, we need a community of inspiring, authentic and effective leaders.


  1. Fellowship Program

    Freedom Fellowship is a capacity-building program designed specifically to help young leaders across the country reach their fullest potential, with the hope of them being able to create a positive impact in their communities. This is an intensive training program covering topics such as youth leadership, strategic communication, issue-based organizing, campaign engagement strategies, and digital citizenship.
  2. Voter Education and Registration Program

    In 2019, +iMPACT Leadership launched the #PinkyPromisePH. It is a two-pronged approach to promote voter registration among the youth. It has a social and traditional media campaign that targets key micro- and macro-influencers to advocate for voter registration. Also, it initiates partnerships with city colleges and universities, local communities and the Commission on Elections to organize, through its ambassadors and partners, local events wherein there will be a voter’s education session and satellite voter registration thereafter.
  3. Funvocacy

    This is a series of capacity development sessions for students, community youth organizations, and young professionals . These sessions will be using new, innovative and fun tools, such as the SIM Democracy and PeaceSoCrazy board games, for the youth to better appreciate the abstract concepts of their advocacies and at the same time, have fun while learning.
  4. +iMPACT Group (+iG) Stories

    The goal of this is to create a real, authentic “community” of transformational leaders. A community that is built on genuine relationships founded on the belief in the principles of freedom, democracy and social justice. +iG Stories are regular small-group and relationship-building meetings where peers can talk about, and process current events in the context of freedom, democracy, and social justice.